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Safety and emissions compliance are essential to hydrocarbon refineries. Sigma Insulation, Sealing & packing offer not only ideal sealing solutions to meet these stringent requirements, but also a number of other products and services that provide the highest level of operational efficiency to result in bottom-line improvement in process yield. Sigma programs for the Oil & Gas industry include solutions for on-site maintenance, turnkey emission monitoring and repair programs, Integrated Pollution Prevention Control reporting, comprehensive plant sealing, specialty projects and low emissions through the use of products. Each solution offers a cost effective approach to meet your requirement for plant operation and maintenance. From simple solutions to critical applications, we meet your sealing needs for today and the future.

Many of the challenges facing food and beverage manufacturers can all be placed into two categories - product integrity and safety. Tremendous amounts of effort in the form of process design, safeguards and procedures are expanded in order to keep products inside, and contaminants out. Sealing products from the Sigma companies are designed with exactly that in mind. We manufacture sealing solutions with the specific needs of the food and beverage markets at the forefront. Our food-grade products are built with high-quality, safe materials that are designed to minimize process leakage, protecting products while they’re being made, and also reducing costly repairs and downtime. Featuring exceptional wear resistance, they also withstand extreme temperatures, aggressive materials and vigorous cleaning methods. Our vast product line has the entire packaging process covered, from beverage and food pumps to pipes and fillers.

In today’s pharmaceutical industry, cleanliness, traceability and adherence to FDA/USP requirements are essential for risk management. As in any medical field, it is imperative that precautions are taken to prevent contamination. Seals critical to the operations can be found at every level of pharmaceutical production. The Sigma family of companies continues to seek out and work with operations and maintenance staff, as well as process engineers to develop sealing solutions in static and dynamic applications common to the pharmaceutical industry, including hygienic pipework, blenders and mixers, fluid bed dryers, valves and pumps. Our dependable, state-of-the-art seals, gaskets, diaphragms and valves meet key market needs with excellent chemical resistance, remarkably long service life and performance that guarantees the integrity and reproducibility of the product.

Reduced downtime and increased efficiency are at the top of every manufacturer’s priority list, especially those in the Pulp & Paper industry. Also critical on that list are reducing water consumption and minimizing environmental impact in a cost-effective manner. The Sigma family of companies offers solutions for all of those challenges and more. These companies develop world-class sealing solutions to meet the demands of the critical equipment of the Pulp & Paper industry, including the static and rotary sealing of digesters and high-speed calendar rolls, bleachers and refiners. We offer durable, high-performance seals for virtually every critical area of the industry, from pumps and flanges to bleaching and chemical recovery. Sigma seals are virtually guaranteed to reduce your downtime and increase your production and resource efficiency.

Health and safety outweigh all other factors in nuclear plants. Therefore, failure is never an option when it comes to the sealing products used in these plants. Working closely with nuclear utilities, regulatory agencies and related organizations, the Sigma companies have developed products specifically designed to perform in extreme environments, such as high-temperature steam and areas exposed to high doses of radiation. In our products, you can find reliable seals, rings, gaskets and other products for the nuclear industry.

Once a commodity, fresh water is now recognized as one of the most valuable resources we have on earth. With this renewed focus, water treatment processes and chemicals, along with the associated standards and specifications, have become more highly regulated. Sigma companies offer sealing solutions that help meet these stringent requirements, as well as withstand the strenuous demands of various processes. Sigma seals are designed and manufactured to deliver high performance amid the most extreme waste water management challenges, including erosion and corrosion risks due to thick sludge, chlorinated water and other common industry materials. The high quality of these seals also aids in minimizing water consumption and usage, allowing utilities to increase efficiency while reducing operating costs. Sigma companies offer sealing solutions for virtually every area of waste water management, which not only keeps your entire plant compliant, but also productive. In addition, we have successfully developed innovative sealing solutions for drinking water.