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Hydraulic seal are high pressure seals which is >16 bar & use  in light, medium & heavy duty cylinders in industries. It is one kind of static seals use in gland & housing with reciprocation motion of rod in cylinders. The standard material of seals NBR-VITON-PU-NYLON- PTFE VIRGIN and in all kind of Teflon materials.
Pneumatic - Piston / Rod Seals
Pneumatics seals are used in low pressure application which is <16 bar.The standard material NBR-PU-viton.
Rotary Seals
Rotary  seal s are used in rotating application like gearbox, pumps, motors, compressor, blowers etc to retain lubrication in bearings. The standard materials are NBR-VITON -SILICON etc.
O-rings or quad rings are used in static and dynamic applications between flanges or joint sealing. The standard materials are NBR-VITON-SILICON-NEOPRINE-HNBR -PU-EPDM,etc.
V-rings are used as primary seals in work chock or back-up chock assembly in rolling mill to avoid ingression of water or coolant in the bearing chock.The standard material are NBR-VITON-HNBR.
Guide Ring or Wear Rings
Guide rings or Wear rings are used to guide the rod and piston incylinder during reciprocating movements in application. The Standard material PTFE VERGINBFT-GFT-CFT-GLT-Acetol-Nylon.
    Sealing materials     Temperature Range
    Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber(NBR)      -300C to +1000C
    Polyurethane (PU)    -300C to +1000C
    Fluoro Rubber(FKM)     -400C to +2200C
    Silicone Rubber (VMQ)     -700C to +2000C
   Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber (EPDM)    -400C to +1200C
   Chlorobutadiene Rubber (CR)     -200C to +1000C
    Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)     -2000C to +2600C
    NYLON (PA)     -300C to +2000C
    ACETAL (POM)     -300C to +1000C
    Natural Rubber (NR)     -300C to +1800C
    Polyacetal (POM)    -400C to 14000C
    Glass filled Teflon (GLT)     -2000C to 2600C
    Carbon filled Teflon (CFT)     -2000C to 2600C
    Graphite filled Teflon (GFT)     -2000C to 2600C
   Broze filled Teflon (BFT)     -2000C to 2600C
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